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Mobile blogging 2.0

O.k., this is not the introduction of a new piece of technology which will bring you new gadgets or fancy feature like the famous LIKE button on FB. This not an advice to anyone...


Twitoaster installed

Now all my new posts will be forwarded to twitter. How could I survive without that feature before. I have no clue.


I´m back

Right, after 12 hours of non-stop fiddling the site is up and running again. Kids, backup Your stuff! I can tell You.


All content gone

I think I lost all posts yesterday. I have some kind of backupt of the original MySQL database but the reload doesn’t work. Maybe I should start from the beginning now.



Found this on the Net. One of my all time classic favourites. Came shortly after pong but was WAY more sophisticated….;-)


I feel so Jazzanova tonight ….

Do you know this feeling when you wake up with lots of music
in Your head? This is onne of those days. My head is full of
jazzy organ chords and tribal rhythms. The only thing Ii really
need is some kind on brain recording device…..