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Vertecs Visual show

I allways wanted to integrate some visuals to my Ableton LIVE sets. In my normal live sets I allready try not to DJ my stuff but to combine, rearrange and actually ‘play’ all components of my tracks. So just showing some video footage to my tracks would have felt kind of lame to me. So what´s the way to go then?


My usual workflow with Ableton Live

During the lifetime of a track I usually work with three different Ableton LIVE sets. Each of them is used in a different manner an represents a certain stage of my production. Feel free to take a short look at my usual workflow.


Save some space with Your ableton sets

Have You Ever wondered how to identify and delete all the unused files in Your current Ableton set? I allways have the need for this, because I often swap projects between my studio PC an my
live notebook. So here´s a quick runthrought to the procedure I use for this.


LIVE Drumrack

Recently I was more focussed on microblogging as it is much quicker, U can do it on via Your phone and most of the time I don´t have to transport epic stuff. During the...