Menace 1.0, the working horse for Your daily dose of bass

Most artists won´t tell You what “secret synths” or plugins they use in their tracks.
It´s common sense that the true artist defines himself HOW he uses his components
and not WHICH components he/she is using.

You would be surprised how many hits where produced just using factory presets.

When it comes to sound design, especially in electronic music, there are lots of
of mystical things flying around, what You should use and what not for a decent track.

Here´s one of my all time favourite Ensembles for Native Instruments Reaktor:
It´s “Menace v1.0” by George Gyulatyan (Noisewreck), originally published
in 2004 in the Native Instruments Reaktor User Library.

It´s a basic synth with just one purpose: Creating sounds for basslines done by C4C, Teebee and Optical by that time.
Menace has 3 Saw OSCs, A Dual Rez Notch Filter and a final filtering section with HP and LP filters.

So if Your into that kind of sound and You are a legit Reaktor user give Menace a try!
You can download it from the User Library or directly from Noisewreck.

There´s a special version of Menace with just the filter section available too.

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  1. Micha V says:

    hi i have been looking for this ensemble for ages but the link doesn’t work on their website. is the anyway any one could help me out with finding this amazing ensemble! thanks alot! -micha

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