Save some space with Your ableton sets

Have You Ever wondered how to identify and delete all the unused files in Your current Ableton set? I allways have the need for this, because I often swap projects between my studio PC and my live notebook.

So here´s a quick runthrought to the procedure I use for this.

1. Save the current LIVE set under a new name outside Your current project folder

LIVE is saving the set in a new project folder. Im my case it´s called “New set Project”

2. As the new project just holds the reference to the old locations of the Clips involved klick on “Collect and Save” in the file menu to copy the clips into the new folder.

This copies all the relevant clips into the newly created project folder “New Set Project”.
No matter where they originally where, now they are in on place (New Set Project)

3. Check for unused clips

First press “Manage Files” in the File menu

On the right hand side a new windows opens up. Press “Manage Project”

Under “Unused Files” You can see that in my case there is one unused file.

Press “Show” to get some more details about the ununsed file.
Just highlight the file(s), press DEL and confirm with “Move to trash”

That´s it ! Now You have the smalest possible project folder for Your set. You can use this for further adjustments or , like in my case, to copy it to another PC.

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3 Responses

  1. joe says:

    Thanks for that. Is there any way to simply delete old live sets that you don’t need any more? Nobody seems to know…

    • joe says:

      Thanks for getting back to me…tried that, but i can still open the project in ‘open recent live set’ and it still plays…trying to free up some space.

  2. admin says:

    If You´re in the file browser of Ableton just klick on the set an hit del. That should do the job.

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