Contact Vertecs


Sending me your tracks – Please read!

The best thing to do is to send them via AIM to  vertecsrecordin. That way your track will end up in the same folder as everyone else’s and I will definitely listen to it when I get a chance.

Don´t direct me to your Myspace or Soundcloud. I have a Soundcloud Dropbox, but  the chances of me actually getting round to checking it is little to none right now, sorry.
My AIM is always on auto-accept so you can just send your tune through. Don’t wait for me to chat before sending because I’m probably not there and if I am there but not answering you it means I’m busy doing something else. If, for some reason, your track fails to transfer, just try again another day.

File Naming
When sending tracks, make sure you include your AIM name in the filename. In fact, the file naming convention should go like this:


If you just send tracks with funny name, how should I track you/them back?


Send only 320k mp3s of full, completed tracks. No Clips no DJ mixes please.
I´m not interested in those at all.

What You Get

If I think your track is good / interesting / original / whatever,  I will do my best to pass it on to a decent label who I think would be interested in your piece of art. I may also play it out and support it, but this is not necessarily the case.

What I Want In Return

A quiet life.

If you send a track please don’t hassle me asking for feedback. If it’s good, I’ll get back to you. You have to understand that, I don´t do this for a living and am
allready busy enought. So it may take weeks before I get to hear your track. Constantly hassling me for feedback will probably get your tune binned and your
name blocked.

Please note – This is just with regards to sending *me* tracks. Other people feel completely differently about things.