Discovered these free plugs

I´m always hunting for comprehensive FX plug-ins, and I´m especially interested when they are free! As allways when it comes to freebies, it´s the question of what You get for “nothing”. Cockes Inc. offer...

mistyocean 0


Here´s  a little sketch I did yesterday. I was just in a mood to have something to calm down. Just one Chord and a bit of grain delay. Here it is, tho. Go check...

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Twitoaster installed

Now all my new posts will be forwarded to twitter. How could I survive without that feature before. I have no clue.

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I´m back

Right, after 12 hours of non-stop fiddling the site is up and running again. Kids, backup Your stuff! I can tell You.

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All content gone

I think I lost all posts yesterday. I have some kind of backupt of the original MySQL database but the reload doesn’t work. Maybe I should start from the beginning now.